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10 Animals with Amazing Superpowers

superpower animals

Image credit: Hybrid Librarian

 “If you could have any kind of superpower, what would it be?” is one of the most commonly used icebreaker questions. It makes sense, since our physical limitations are firmly defined and it is a dream for probably everyone to be extremely exceptional at one point or another.

Superpowers are not only found in comic books; there are many animals on Earth that have extraordinary capabilities compared to humans. The following video from Hybrid Librarian explores 10 incredible animals that possess amazing superhero-like abilities:

Of course, we humans should not feel so bad. Yes, we might not be able to fly or jump very high, but we will simply need to take comfort in the fact that we are intelligent enough to develop technology for creating videos like this one. Have you ever heard of a mantis shrimp writing code for a website? Exactly.