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10 Parasites That Could Reside in You Body


Image credit: Naegleria fowleri amoeba grown in axenic culture displaying sucker-like structures via Wikispaces Classroom. Licensed by CC.

It is widely accepted that parasites are regarded as organisms which could gain benefit at the expense of other organisms. Instead of killing their hosts, parasites always depend on them to get necessary resources and protection. As a matter of fact, the host has to pay increased energetic costs so as to feed such intruder unconsciously. Actually, it would lead to the reduction in host fitness. In most cases, parasites would be specialized to target certain organisms. However hosts could be any kind of any things and even humans would not be excluded.

Surprisingly, when you are reading this article, you might be harboring something that you do not know. If you are really in that situation, some worst examples would finally cause blindness, enlarged body parts, intestinal blockage, sleeping sickness as well as other side effects.

Here is a list of 10 parasites which usually make your body to be their hosts.