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11 Weird Beauty Products

If you have the chance to look at some old magazines, you’ll be surprised to find all kinds of beauty products for improving women’s appearance. Most of the products seem to be extremely weird and 90 % of them are totally useless while some of them may even be very dangerous. Although they are not effective, but let’s just take a glance at them for some fun. Here are a few of my favorites:


A Machine that Measures Beauty of Face

Designed by Max Factor, this machine is basically a “helmet” full of “Saw” elements. It is claimed to be able to measure the beauty of w woman’s face. I am not sure about how it works but the picture seems to be a scene combining Frankenstein and Hellraiser.


A Machine to Create Dimples on Women’s Face

I feel like this could work—if you regard those annoying red welts as dimples.


The Glamour Bonnet—Using Vacuum to Aid Complexion

This magic product is called glamour bonnet, which provides an effect of making a woman to feel like climbing a high mountain or flying high in a plane. All right ladies, please remember the secret of beauty (or at least to think you are beautiful) is hypoxia.


Lipstick Stencil.

I really can’t define such a device, since I have never used lipstick. However, it seems to be even more difficult to hold the one-size-fits-for-all stencil while applying lipstick than just the latter.


Magic Chair for Beauty

This is the most normal products in this list and also the only one that might work. However, it is as same as a home gym. Plus, I doubt if you are lucky enough to reduce your chin through the way indicated in the image.


Shield on Eyeglasses to Protect Your Nose

It look ridiculous and does the inventor ever think about what the user will look like when she takes off the device at the end of each day? A white nosed raccoon?


Suck Your Beauty

This product is supposed to suck all the grime and dirt from your pores, which only makes me think about “the machine” in the Princess Bride.


Freckle-proof Cape to Protect Swimmer

If you tend to have sunburn easily on your skin, you can consider wearing this polka-dotted hazmat suit when you go outdoors. But believe me, Florida is not the place you should visit.


Want to Expand Your Chest? Try the Psycho-expander out!

The magazine claims that this product can help women “develop their form” and increase their lung capacity. But for me, I’m more interested in the product name “psycho-expander”.


Breathe Balloon for Bigger Breasts

Is it a device to measure your lung capacity? Nope, it’s another product to “develop your form”, but most women bought it for the function of measuring lung capacity, am I right?


X-ray + Mud = Beard Removed

This is only device on the list that is designed for men and also the only one that looks like actually harmful. Extremely harmful. Horribly harmful. Using radiation to remove beard is no different from amputating your legs to lose weight.


Maybe when the people in future look at the beauty products today will also laugh out loudly and feels incredible.

 Source: Weird Beauty Devices