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115-Megapixel Map of Mars Released

Map Of Mars

Image credit: Ordnance Survey/Flickr

Like a picture could be much worthy than a thousand words, it would be possibly better than data. The amazing cartographic map of Mars is the best example in this respect. This picture is commissioned by Dr. Peter Grindrod, a British scientist engaged in the European ExoMars mission.

Ordnance Survey (OS), the British mapping agency, was assigned to do the job, designing a detailed map of the Western Arabia Terra, which covered an area of nearly 10 million square kilometers on Mars. The map showcased a terrific deal of detail on the planet, from craters to landing sites of previous missions.

The unique map demonstrated 3,672 by 2,721 kilometers on Mars at a scale of 1 to 4 million. Besides having some fun, its purpose was to make clear that maps such as this one could be much useful for the planned missions in the future.

As Chris Wesson, the OS cartographic design consultant for the map, said, his agency had set out from the very beginning to process the Mars data in the same way that they would deal with Great Britain] data or any other Earth-oriented geographic information or landscape.

Wesson proposed that maybe even Martian explorers of future missions could be the users of these maps. It would be possible that one day people could pinpoint the landscape surrounding them from a map just like they do with the British countryside, although the map might not be the same at that time.

People could view the full map on the OS Flickr account in glorious 11574 by 9921 pixel (115 megapixels) resolution. Dr. Grindrod was offered a special printed copy of it because of his participation in ExoMars, the latest rover jointly developed by Europe and Russia. It was planned to land on Mars in early 2019, thus these maps would turned to be more interesting. A small section of the region shown has been chosen to be the finally possible landing site for the rover, it would be located between the ridges and valleys of Western Arabia Terra.