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A Fox Makes a Bacon Sandwich

fox and sandwhich

Image credit: Radio Free Europe. A fox has achieved internet fame by constructing a super-sandwich

When you read a science fiction, you would notice that exposure to radiation could enable characters to have superpowers. However, it is actually correct in scientific sense, because if you are exposed to too much radiation, it would be more likely to get cancer or show the acute radiation syndrome in regard to the really high exposures.

It is better for someone to make this fox know about it. As it grows up in the exclusion zone of Chernobyl, it seems that the fox is really quite smart, even in terms of behavior of the Vulpes vulpes that is notoriously canny.

Apart from its ability to create a pretty impressing sandwich by piling bread and bacon together, the fox is not afraid of any human appearance. It has been assumed that such act is mainly attributed to living in the area where a large evacuation of human being had been made due to explosion of the nuclear reactor 29 years ago. It should be probable, because the short supply of food in the zone would make the fox so hungry that he would have no fear response in the normal condition.

Although on the surface animal life is becoming prosperous around Chernobyl, species are undergoing contradictory and little known effects on their health. When ecosystems are deteriorating, the fox might be going for food in short supply.