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A Full-Of-Memories Wedding Ring—Romance of a Geek


Ray Arifianto, a geek who works for the XBOX platform team at Microsoft, is getting married. He got the nerdiest wedding ring ever from his lovely fiancée.


From the image we can see that the wedding ring is customized to have the shape of a USB drive. Ray thinks it is extremely cool idea that you could not find a better gift than such a ring


In fact, his fiancée is not a gamer, a geek or a nerd. Instead, she is just a lady who knows his fiancé well and loves him so much. What’s the best part of the ring? It’s not the USB-drive shape, but the engraving:” For a lifetime of memories.”


USB drive? Memory? Lifetime memories? You got it? It is the most romantic geek-style weeding ring in the world!


Congrats and bless the new couple!

Source: kotaku

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