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A Group of Calais Migrants Interrupt Polar Bear’s Trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Polar bear NISSAN

Image credit: Screenshot from YouTube video / Yorkshire Wildlife Park

It was reported that some migrants happened to face a polar bear in Calais, France when they climbed onto the back of a lorry going to the U.K.

Although the group was greatly surprised to come across Nissan, who was a 22-month-old male polar bear, they tried to stay inside the lorry, whose destination was Yorkshire Wildlife Park. It was the time when the vehicle was moving slow in the heavy traffic that these immigrants hopped onto the lorry. When French police were aware of what the migrants had done, they were instructed to make the group leave the truck. As for transporting animals, there are some strict regulations to be implemented, and in this case such regulations were reported to have been observed.

According to Simon Marsh, an animal collections manager at the park, the journey of 3,000-kilometers Nissan took from Moscow to Doncaster, where the park was located, was quite smooth, except for the unusual meeting with the migrants. To Nissan it was minor problem at Calais when it did face some unexpected guests in the back of the truck. It was obvious that the polar bear was very safe and secure, because it was kept in a crate. It was the migrants who are quite surprised to see it there.

Born at Izhevsk Zooat of Russia’s in December 2013, Nissan was transported to the U.K. because of a breeding program. The staff in Yorkshire is getting ready to introduce him to Victor (16 years old) and Pixel (2 years old), two other polar bears staying the park. All these bears will be transferred to the newly established Project Polar Bear reserve, covering the area of 10 acres in the park. This reserve will replace the present Arctic habitat for such bears.

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