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A Man Films Being Struck by Lightning

lightning dust

Image credit: Scott Sheppard, Severe Studios. When a lightning strike hit him Scott Sheppard did not film the bolt itself, but caught the aftermath.

Recently Scott Sheppard, a storm chaser with Severe Studios, being attracted by a tempest near Fairburn in the state of South Dakota, was struck by lightning when he was very close to it. Even though he failed to film the bolt on spot, he had actual experience of being in the storm.

From the video taken by Sheppard, you can see that the strike ran down Sheppard’s arm before hitting the ground and making the obvious hole here. As a result, Sheppard’s car and another vehicle were severely damaged and had to be towed away by the rescue men. Luckily Sheppard was not hurt except for a sore arm.

In order to avoid body hurt, you are strongly advised not to stand on the top of hills in a thunderstorm with wet copper armor. Although ninety percent of those who are struck by lightning could survive, most of would suffer the negative impact for a long period of time.

Like Sheppard, one would be possibly struck by lightning even in the distance of several kilometers from the center of storm under the blue skies.

In the interview with the Weather Channel, Sheppard expressed his intention to chase storms in future, however he would make sure to keep his arm inside the car next time.

Source: The Weather Channel.