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A New Ragweed Allergy Pill Has Been Approved by FDA


Recently, the Food and Drug Administration has been approved a new oral medication for treatment of ragweed allergies.

The tablet called Ragwitek, is made by the company of Merck and Co and patients can place it under their tongue once a day and it will dissolve there. This medication is produced for those who are allergic to pollen from the ragweed, also named as Ambrosia artemisiifolia in technical term.

According to the FDA, the patients are suggested to begin with the medication twelve weeks before ragweed season is started, and continue to take it during the season. It is strongly advised that patients take the first dose of such medication at a doctor’s office so as to prevent the allergic reaction to it, because the drug includes extract from the short ragweed plant itself.

The drug is thought to be an alternative to allergy shots or medications for relieving allergy symptoms.

As one of the widely spread seasonal allergies, the ragweed pollen allergy has various symptoms like a runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing as well as itchy and watery eyes, which occurs during the late summer and early autumn in particular.

Based on a study targeted on 1,700 adults, it is common that the drug has such side effects as itching and irritation in the ears, mouth and throat. Just for one allergy season, compared with those taking a placebo, 26 percent of patients using the medication of Ragwitek have a reduction in their allergic symptoms and need to take more for further treatment.

Source: LiveScience.

Image credit: Shutterstock.