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A Novel Air Umbrella Generates a “Force Field” to Keep You from the Rain


Image credit: Screen shot via Air Umbrella

Generally you have to hold a soggy umbrella on a rainy day, but it might be changed now. Recently a Chinese company developed new umbrella called Air Umbrella. Instead of using fabric, it turns to forced air to make a canopy which could be able to prevent the raindrops from falling down on you. As soon as you get to the place you go, you could put the dry device into your bag until it is ready for you to leave away again.

The Air Umbrella actually looks like a big flashlight. With a installed motor at its head, the fan could force the air up and out so as to generate a shield from the rain. In the shaft of the umbrella is a lithium ion battery which is rechargeable. A simple button at the bottom acts as the on/off switch. In addition, a controller dial could help you modify the size of the air canopy, which could be expanded to more than a meter in diameter, wide enough to protect two people from the rain in real use.

After being tested in heavy rainfall circumstances, the umbrella appears to work effectively. It is reported by the company that the sound of the rain could generally hide the sound of the umbrella. And the air is able to push away water droplets up to 70 centimeters. If rain falls down in a diagonal way, you could alter the way you hold the umbrella to deal with such situation. Although the Air Umbrella is able to deflect light wind, the air canopy it makes could be cut through by very heavy wind. But even normal umbrellas could fail to deflect the heavy rain as well.

Air Umbrella

Image credit: Air Umbrella

If you would like to be the first users of this product, you could participate in a current Kickstarter campaign hosted by the company. For the time being, the cheapest one is $118, which is selling quickly in the market.

At present, the company has developed three models, dubbed A, B, and C, which are characteristic of different features to match various requirements of users. The different models are catalogued in terms of their length, weight and length of use per charge.

The company does admit the short life of the umbrella’s battery and is trying to make improvement in its design and practicality through necessary adjustments in the future. Hopefully the production of the modified devices will kick off in September 2015, and the product will sell on the market before December 31, 2015.

Source: Gizmag, Sciencealert