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A Pen That Allows You to Draw Any Color in the World


Image credit: Scribble. The Scribble pen claims to be able to draw any color you can scan.

Incorporating an RGB sensor and a five-color ink cartridge, a pen named as Scribble would enable artists to apply any color necessary for their drawings.

Although such pen is not available in the market yet, if you want to pay $150, you could become the participant of the kick starter campaign launched by the producer.

According to the statement of the company spokesperson in a media release, the Scribble color picker pen would be very useful for many people, such as artists, color blind, designers, homeowners, kids, interior decorators, photographers, students and teachers, because it could copy the color so exactly that it would realize any color from any object with  absolute easiness.

With the scanner installed at the top, the pen could save the shade and match it with a proper combination of inks if it is pointed at any consistent color.

With the storage capacity of 100,000 colors in its internal memory, the Scribble is driven by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. As it weighs just 39grams, it is quite easy to operate.

As for people who consider paper passé, a stylus is available for use on digital devices with the same capacity, but a little more than half the cost.