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A Physicist Fires Weapon Underwater – with His Own Life on the Line

Image credit: NRK Viten/YouTube

Image credit: NRK Viten/YouTube

Recently, Andreas Wahl, who was a bold physicist, was seen to hang him 14 meters off the side of rickety looking warehouse for the sake of science. In his latest video, he was shown to risk his own life so as to test the power of fluid resistance by firing a loaded gun.

In the video, he stood in a swimming pool and fired at himself using an assault rifle with the distance of around 3 meters with the help of a string attached to the gun’s trigger. At the moment, for his own safety, he was wearing goggles.

Such video was released from the Norwegian science show on channel NRK Viten. When it explained about the meaning of this show in the YouTube presentation, it said that it was more difficult to create movement in water than in air, because of the fact that water molecules were much closer together than air molecules. In order to demonstrate the difference in resistance, Mr. Andreas Wahl was bold enough to stand before a weapon submerged in water and then fired the rifle on him.

To capture the effect of the bullet’s force on the rippling water, the slow-motion cameras were used by the film crew for the best result.

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