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A Self-Sustaining Urban Ecosystem Is Found in an Abandoned Building in Thailand


Image credit: Jesse Rockwell. The sign on the gate reads “strictly no entrance beyond this point”.

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is the city full of vibrancy as well as surprise. This abandoned shopping mall in old downtown area is the good example in this respect. Through an ordinary looking gate, one can still feel the previous magnificence of New World shopping mall which burned down back in 1999. Without a roof now, the basement is flooded all year round.

Sometime later after burning-down of the building, some person was intended to feed Koi and Catfish in the basement. With thriving population of fish, this abandoned building is now transformed into a self-sustained aquarium in urban Bangkok.

Jesse Rockwell, photographer and professional cook, was fortunate enough to identify the location of this hidden gem. His recent photos clearly showed its unique and amazing presence.


Image credit: Jesse Rockwell.


Image credit: Jesse Rockwell.


Image credit: Jesse Rockwell.

Source: A Taste Of The Road

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