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A Video of an Adorable Surfing Seal Pup

surfing seal

Image credit: Insolitevideo. This seal just couldn’t get enough of surfboarding.

From the following video, you could see a seal pup trying to climb on the professionals’ surfboards repeatedly while riding the waves beside them.

This video was cast near the northeast coast of England. When talking of the unusual encounter, Matt, one of the surfers described that when he and his friend Andrew were lost in summer waves, the seal pup appeared in the way to frighten them, because they were unaware of what it was! It was just seen to nudge his foot from underneath.

After staying with the pup for nearly an hour, the surfers were intended to be back to the shore. However this little guy followed their suit up to the beach. To Matt’s surprise, the pup was surfing like a professional without any trouble. So Matt and his friend reported it to the local marine wildlife authority to make sure whether something wrong with such weird behavior, although the seal did love being young and free.

As identified as possibly a gray seal, Tamara Cooper from the Cornish Seal Sanctuary told LiveScience, they had never heard of [wild] seals jumping on surfboards before, but she warned that the surfers should avoid touching seals and being bitten accidentally, because these seals could carry bacteria which is harmful to people.

 Source: LiveScience