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A Video of Rhinos Escape


Image credit: Three escaped rhinos are captured on camera.

As a zookeeper, the most important responsibility should be locking the animals up in addition to feed them in daily work. However if you fail to do so, they would remind you of your job. Therefore, having large wild beasts wandering along the main street is typically regarded as a bad idea anyway.

If you happen to allow the pacyderms to go out, it should possibly be an even worse career move to have it occur on camera. That is the case when someone was clearing out his desk at Ramat Gan Safari park, where sees the biggest collection of wildlife under human supervision in the Middle East, he forgot to lock the gate while also fell asleep as three white rhinoceroses (Ceratotherium simums) trotted past.

Fortunately, neither people nor the rhinos one was were injured in this case.

In addition, this event also illustrates kind of an example of the difference between courage and wisdom. After one guard spotted the three rhinos whose names were Rihanna, Keren Peles and Karnivala respectively to escape from the zoo, he immediately ran after them. Presumably he thought he would be able could round up these beasts by himself, but each of rhinos generally weigh 1.6 tonnes with horns.

Furthermore, someone else thought it necessary to call the police for help. At first, the police showed disbelief in such event, but quickly they set up a road block. As Sagit Horowitz, the park spokesperson said, they finally found the rhinos in the car park quite near to the safari park itself; after all the rhinos run away from the zoo just for 10 minutes.

Since 1978 white rhinos have been living at the park with 17 calves having being bred. While northern white rhinos at the critical stage of extinction, these rhinos belong to southern subspecies which are also endangered.