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About Us

What is Ain’t A Nerd?

Ain’t A Nerd is an open and diversified community focusing on science and technology. Ain’t A Nerd provides responsible and interesting science news, articles and stories that are close to daily life. You can read, share, ask and communicate on everything about science here. Ain’t A Nerd is devoted to make interest of science and technology as an important element of people’s culture and entertainment life.

The aim of Ain’t A Nerd.

Have you been a student majoring in science and engineering? Have you ever been dreaming of becoming a scientist, engineer or doctor? Do you like to watch The Big Bang Theory? Do you like Transformers? Probably most of us have ever grown the interest for science and technology. However, the creator of Ain’t A Nerd found, the spread of science and technology on the mass culture life is limited—there is few science and technology contents on traditional media including newspaper, magazine and television; even on the Internet, which is claimed to be pioneer, the science and technology is most often referred to “Internet and consumer electronics”.

Ain’t A Nerd is aimed to call the public interest for science and technology—not the interest for those seem-to-be-boring knowledge, but to help the public read and explain the interesting science and technology materials that are close to daily life. Instead of watching movies, listening to music or playing your cell phone, you can also attempt to be a “nerd” with your spare time and learn more about stars and plants, or try to bust the rumors on the Internet using your science and technology knowledge. On Ain’t A Nerd, you will find that the joy of life is not just about literature and art, or purchasing stuffs, while, science and technology will open another window for you to learn more about the world. You will be able to find out some like-minded people , understand that even interests of minorities are appreciated and explore some wonderful but less cognized interest of science and technology. We hope that in the near future, such interest in science and technology could alter the ways of people’s culture and entertainment life.

The origin of Ain’t A Nerd.

We hope you will enjoy the reading and learning on our platform for knowledge of science and technology, while we are not nerds that care only about learning and research; instead, we are just a group of people who are addict to the science and technology that is close to people’s life and we want to know the world better in our spare times.