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Are You Curious about Why Sometimes Your Poop Is Green?

green poop

Image credit: Wikihow

In your daily life, sometimes you may wonder why your poop is a certain color. In fact, different color of your poop is capable of indicating something about your health; it could tell what kind of food you have taken, or how rapidly it is being digested in your system. Furthermore, your stools could also signal more serious health problems within your body.

Generally speaking, the green color of your poop is typically normal. The reasons for it are various and no worry about it. Actually, the green color might show that your digesting process is extraordinarily quick, or you have eaten a quite number of foods full of iron, or you are intended to take iron supplements, or you fancy having a great deal of leafy greens.

If you are too shy to ask the questions about the color of your poops, you are kindly advised to watch the following video to get some reasonable explainations.