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Bearded Dragons, the Culprit of Salmonella Outbreak

A bearded dragon

A bearded dragon.Image credit: André Karwath via Wikimedia Commons.

Usually the outbreak of Salmonella is closely related with food, however, but the recent boom in the bacteria is attributed to an improbable source—bearded dragons.

In the past years, 132 people in 31 states of the United States were found to be infected with Salmonella cotham, kind of serotype-like bacteria harbored by bearded dragons. Most of cases were linked with young people who were at the median age of two. Therefore, if you have a bearded lizard bro at home, you had better keep your tot from touching it, or just give it up, because your tot would not follow the order like a trained doberman. However, if you are strongly fond of such dragon, you are kindly advised to wash your hands thoroughly later.

Among the people infected, 58 percent were younger than five years old, and 42 percent of them had been hospitalized. However there was no report of deaths up to now. California and Wisconsin were ranking as the top states in term of the number of cases, which were all related to the pets purchased at different paces all over the country.

It is widely accepted that it was not the first Salmonella outbreak related with the bearded ones. In 2009, a cook in the state of Wisconsin purchased two of the critters to be prepared for gravy and other foods at home, serving it to a large group. As a result, at least 19 of guests were infected with the bacteria.

Source: CDC

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