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Category: Biology

*violent elephant trumpeting noises* Alexander Makanga/YouTube

Crocodile Plays Tug-Of-War With Elephant’s Trunk

You had better not to anthropomorphize animals greatly, because it is unfair to apply our laws and behaviors to them. However, in some cases crocodiles could be such cold-hearted thing. Not long ago when Alexander Makanga was on a riverboat safari near Mvuu Camp, he was lucky enough to capture the [...]

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Dinosaur eggs took a long time to develop, far longer than birds. Jaroslav Moravcik/Shutterstock

Dinosaur Eggs Developed Slowly Like Reptiles, Not Like Birds

It is suggested by the latest evidence that it would take dinosaurs three to six months to develop in the egg, just like modern reptiles rather than birds. The researchers estimate that slow developers were put at the disadvantageous position  when the environment was greatly changed at the end of the Cretaceous [...]

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Genetics at its cutest. Soloviova Liudmyla/Shutterstock

Puppies Might Be Genetically Programmed to Love Humans

Although we have many shortcomings, it is nice to find out that someone really likes us, but they have no choice but naturally doing so. It is confirmed by the recently published study in the journal Scientific Reports that dogs’ love towards humans could be written into their genes.   Being [...]

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What Is This Pink Blob Floating in The Indian Ocean?

What Is This Pink Blob Floating in The Indian Ocean?

It is widely accepted that the sea is dark with amazing terrors. However, sometimes it is not always terror as people think, because certain kinds of mysterious lifeforms, such as a bizarre purple blob, which was seen the coast of California not long ago, could bring some surprise to us. At [...]

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What you looking at? EVNautilus/YouTube

A Weird Googly-Eyed Squid Found on the Seafloor

When researchers were cruising off the coast of southern California in the Exploration Vessel Nautilus, they suddenly found a googly-eyed, cartoony-looking squid on the seafloor. From the video on the spot, we can hear one of scientists was exclaiming that these squids looked like such googly eyes that they appeared so fake! [...]

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A group of hippopotamuses in Kenya (unaffiliated with the cocaine trade). Image credit: Volodymyr Burdiak/Shutterstock

Colombian Drug Lord’s Escaped Hippos Caused Chaos

During the eighties of last century, Pablo Escobar had been regarded as the “king of cocaine,” until in 1993, he was shot dead after a a fatal gun battle with the international police team. Besides his title of the Colombia drug lord, he has also left another legacy: pet hippos [...]

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Image credit: Wolfgang Raab/Youtube

The “Living Rock” Found to Be Filled with Blood When It Is Cut Open

This weird sea creature could be able to realize the dream your pet rock might never live up to. When the rock-like Pyura chilensis of Chile and Peru is cut up,  its blood-red insides will be revealed. Although, in fact it is not blood, it’s worth noting that its blood is clear [...]

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Image credit: Cats Protection

Vets Astounded to Find Unusual Facts about Bellini The Kitten

When he was little, the cat named as Bellini was put under the care of Cats Protection’s St. Helens Adoption Centre in the United Kingdom. After several weeks, Bellini’s caretakers thought the cat was a male. But to their surprise, they found that Bellini was in fact had both male and female [...]

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Image credit: Alex Figueroa/Youtube

Watch This Video: Huge Alligator Is Eating Another Alligator

As a small reminder from Mother Nature not to get on her wrong side, here you could see a truly horrifying and clearly one-sided battle between two alligators. On April 13 this year, after getting up, Alex Figueroa took a morning stroll in his neighborhood of Lakeland, Florida. When he was enjoying his [...]

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Image credit: The lions normally live in Nairobi National Park, located just a few miles south of the city center. Tony Karumba/Stringer/Getty

Nairobi on Alert after Escaped Lions Spotted Prowling Around Town

Recently Nairobi, The capital of Kenya, was on high alert when at least two lions had escaped from the national park bordering the city one evening. After the event the Kenyan Wildlife Service (KWS), institution in charge of management of the park, took immediate action by sending armed rangers and [...]

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