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Category: Environment

Living around green (or temporarily yellow) space helps slow cognitive decline among the elderly. Jenny Sturm/Shutterstock

Living Near Greenery Keeps Elderly People’s Minds Young

When you are getting older, you must be worried about dementia or a gradual loss of intellectual capacity. To face such an issue, you would get a lot of suggestions, such as caring about your diet or improved greater intellectual activity, which might be helpful in some way. However, you […]

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Shake, shake, shake. Jan Paul Rodriguez/Facebook

Divers Film Insane Underwater Earthquake Shaking The Seafloor

Do you happen to experience an underwater earthquake? To most people it seems quite unusual. However, a group of divers in the Philippines were so lucky that they were able to maintain the camera rolling during the course of the current earthquake, measuring 5.6 on the Richter Scale, rocked the […]

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Derelict buildings built on permafrost in Norilsk, Russia, one of the cities studied. Nordroden/Shutterstock

Siberian Permafrost Cities In Danger Of Collapse In The Next 35 Years

  It is widely accepted that climate change is really happening and also quite dangerous to our life. In some parts of the world, it is becoming unprecedentedly warming and one of such places is the permafrost in Siberia. According to the latest research jointly undertaken by Russia and the […]

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Image credit: The Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel is part of a wider project to restore the world's coral reefs. Caters News Agency

The Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel Receives Patent and Trademark Approval

If you want to find a room with an ocean view, you might try to stay in a new submarine hotel to be developed at 8.5 meters (28 feet) beneath the waves. With patent and trademark approval received recently, the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel is ready to be constructed in […]

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Image credit: Slowed down, you can see the glowing tendrils of lightning as they creep towards the ground. ZT Research/Vimeo

Watch Lightning Strike in a Slow Motion Mode

When a sudden bolt of lightning takes place in such a rapid way, it has left no time for us to enjoy its amazingly natural beauty, because the normal speed at which it happens is nearly 360,493 kilometers per hour. From the video presented here, you can watch a lightning storm in South […]

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Image credit: Screenshot from 'Amazing Monstrous Whirlpool' video via Janis Astics

What Is Going on in This Lake?

Recently a video showing a whirlpool in Latvia has been becoming quite hot on the Internet. It is said that when two opposing, rapidly-moving currents come across, whirlpools would be created. However, people might be wondering where all the water go. In this video, you can see the water is moving downstream, underneath […]

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Image credit: Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute. Image shows dolphins swimming at sunset

Dolphins Form Complicated Social Networks

Although dolphins they might be instagramming their delicious food or watching each other’s whereabouts on Twitter, they are surely capable of establishing quite complicated social networks. Based on the study of the scientists at the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute (HBOI) at FloridaAtlanticUniversity, it is discovered that bottlenose dolphins living in the […]

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Image credit: A screenshot of the lava tube draining Lost Lake from a youtube video by Ryan Brennecke for The Bulletin

Lost Lake Shrinking Down a Hold Every Summer in Oregon

In the mountainous areas of Oregon, not far from the highway, people can see a shallow lake, which disappears once a year for the dry summer season, but regain its appearance during the wetter days. Being known as LostLake, its mysterious vanishing scene is mainly attributed to a lava tube. Such […]

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Image credit: A topographical view of the Axial Seamount, an active underwater volcano off the coast of Oregon, via Oregon State University

Undersea Volcano Likely to Be Erupting Off the Coast of Oregon and Washington

It is said that something might be bubbling underwater not far from the American West Coast. Scientists believe that the Axial Seamount, an active underwater volcano located 480 kilometers away from the coast of Oregon, could be releasing undersea lava. However, as The Seattle Times put it, it is still uncertain that such […]

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Image credit: Copernicus data (2014/2015)/ESA. A combination of three radar scans from Sentinel-1A.

Aral Sea Looks Like an Abstract Painting from Space

This amazing satellite image of the Aral Sea distorts the destruction it demonstrates. As the fourth biggest inland body of water in the world before, it now has lost more than ninety percent of its water volume in the past five decades, because the irrigation projects have already destroyed fishing industry in this area […]

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