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Category: Health & Medicine

Cancer cells. Dr Cecil Fox/National Cancer Institute/Public Domain

A Virus Could Be Used To Attack Incurable Brain Cancers

For most people, it is quite easy to regard viruses as the sworn enemy. However, if their power are correctly utilized, they could be awesome companions in some sense. A recent study by the University of Leeds in the UK has demonstrated the way in which a virus could be […]

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CI photos/Shutterstock

Scientists Reverse Huntington’s Disease In Mice Using CRISPR

Researchers have made some initial but promising achievements in a potential treatment of Huntington’s disease. With the help of such genetic therapy named as CRISPR, the scientists were capable of offering a permanent therapeutic cure to this condition in mice. Known as a fatal neurodegenerative disorder,  Huntington’s disease is caused […]

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A Broken Heart May Cause Long-Term Damage To Your Health

It is found from a study funded by the British Heart Foundation that it is possible for “broken heart syndrome” to cause lasting damage to our bodies. Also known as Takotsubo syndrome in a technical term , it refers to the way in which a stressful event such as the death […]

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Ocskay Mark/Shutterstock

Parkinson’s Disease Might Be Caused By Your Immune System Going Haywire

The journal Nature recently has published a study report providing evidence that Parkinson’s disease is closely linked to the immune system.   It is thought to be something known as an autoimmune disease, where the immune system of your own body  attacks healthy cells in a mistakable way. The death of neurons […]

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Thomas Galvez/Flickr CC BY 2.0

Here’s How Much Your Life Expectancy Goes Up If You’re Rich

Although a lot of progress have been made in affordable health care, medical technology, and education, a latest research shows that there does exist a growing disparity in terms of the life expectancy between high-income and low-income people living in the United States. The study done by Brookings Institution demonstrates that poorer people […]

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A baby boy has been born using genetic material from three people. DmZ/Shutterstock

The World’s First Three-Parent Baby Has Been Born

Recently John Zhang, a pioneering scientist, has made breakthrough in assisting a Jordanian couple to have a baby with help of the genetic input from a third party. The baby boy was born in Mexico on April 6 this year. In this country, there is no laws banning such procedure […]

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A. and I. Kruk

How Can Caffeine Affect Our Body and Brain

It is well-known that we would take three substances, namely coffee, tea, and cola, for our daily caffeine fix. But are you aware about how such colorless, odorless, tasteless drug would affect our brain and body when we are having these drinks? The fact is that caffeine could have impact […]

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Image credit: Alex Kuzoian/Business Insider

Researchers Think They Have Revealed a Link between the Deaths of Three Presidents

Something weird did happen with three of the four United States presidents elected during the 1840s. These three presidents–William Henry Harrison, James K. Polk, and Zachary Taylor, they all died working in office or very soon after going somewhere. This video presented by Business Insider gives a vivid description about their […]

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Image credit: The crab shell-derived material has rapid blood-clotting properties. University of Bolton

Bandages Made from Crab Shells Could Heal Wounds Rapidly

The bandage of its kind has been designed and developed by the scientists of the Fiber Science and Technology team at the University of Bolton. Such bandage has the content of crab shell components, which could speed up the healing process within wounds. Being constructed with chitosan, a major material and derived […]

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Image credit: Flydragon/Shutterstock

Chemicals in E-Cigarette Flavors Might Lead to“Popcorn Lung”

At present, there are more than 7,000 electronic cigarettes being sold on the market, including different flavors such as candy, cocktail and fruit. However, although it is reported that   E-cigs are “95% less harmful than tobacco,” when analyzing flavoring chemicals, scientists have researchers found compounds previously related to lung disease in various […]

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