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Category: Health & Medicine

Image credit: TED-Ex/YouTube

You Can Produce Three Types of Tears

You may not know that your eyes would be able to produce tears constantly, even if you do not cut onions or watch Titanic. In fact, people could produce three different types of tears— basal, reflex, and emotional. It is not difficult to understand basal tears and reflex tears, because […]

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Image credit: The sperm "harpoon" shown on its side. Heping Zheng, PhD, University of Virginia School of Medicine.

Does Sperm Use Tiny Harpoons to Fertilize an Egg?

It is reported that scientists have found very small “harpoons” on sperm that enable them to take onto eggs and other sperm in the course of fertilization. This discovery, resulting from fourteen-year research, is published in the journal Andrology. According to the scientists from the University of Virginia (UVA), sperm are capable of creating […]

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Image credit: Bruise changing color from purple to yellow. Dean Bertoncelj/Shutterstock

Why Do Bruises Change Colors?

In the daily life, sometimes when you are careless and clumsy, you should have possibly experienced so many bruises, – and even those who fail to get the coordination of a newborn calf would have been bruised on some occasion. Therefore, you might have noticed that your bruise had changed color. It […]

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Image credit: Autism is five times more common among boys than girls. Dubova/Shutterstock

UNC Scientists Discover How a Single Genetic Mutation Can Cause Autism

As sort of quite complicated disorder, Autism is believed to be caused by the various kinds of factors genetically and environmentally. In word, we’re not actually aware of the real reason for autism, however, a latest breakthrough could be helpful in moving us further to know it better. Recently scientists […]

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Image credit: A portrait of Shakespeare from 1610. Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons.

Was Shakespeare a Weed Smoker?

The use of cannabis has been going on for thousand years. Only at the beginning of 20th century, it had been criminalized in the U.K. and many other countries. Therefore, its use was thought to be naturally accepted before then. However, it might be quite interesting that some important English writings […]

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Image credit: Crystal Meth. Kaarsten/Shutterstock

Scientists Probably Find a Method to Make Your Forget about Your Meth Addiction

As for many addicts who have given up drug abuse sometime before, they have to fight against with their memories, which could induce them to pick up addiction some months or even several years after rehabilitation. However, there is the good news for such recovering addicts that a new revolutionary discovery […]

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Image credit: A calcified fetus (not from Esta Meléndez) removed from a woman after 50 years. Otis Historical Archives of National Museum of Health & Medicine.

A Woman Carried a Calcified Fetus inside Her for Over 50 Years

It was reported this June that an old Chilean lady aged 91 years old, had been discovered with a calcified fetus in her body when she was hospitalized for treatment of an isolated injury. This old woman, whose name was Esta Meléndez, lived in La Boca, Chile. After falling over, […]

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Image credit: Ljupco Smokovski/Shutterstock

Why Do You Want to Poop after Drinking Coffee?

When getting up, some people usually prefer to have a cup of coffee. However shortly after this first coffee, they might feel sudden need to poop. Why is it so urgent to use the toilet after drinking the coffee? Normally caffeine is believed to be the cause of such sudden […]

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Image credit: Sonja Kleinlogel/Retina of blind mouse treated with the new approach.

Researchers Restore Sight in Blind Mice

By introduction of an engineered light-sensing protein into the eyes of mice, researchers from the University of Bern have succeeded in restoring daylight vision of the blind mice. Known as “optogenetics, such process applies a modified virus to introduce the proteins directly into existing vision cells deeply rooted within the eye. It is […]

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Image credit: Kudla via Shutterstock

Maybe Your Beard Is as Dirty As a Toilet

On the contrary to the news presentation originated from ‘KOAT’, the TV news network in New Mexico, beards do not house more poo than a toilet. Although it has little scientific values, the story saying that beards contain more poo that a toilet has gone popular all over the world. As Nick Evershed within […]

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