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Category: Mind & Brain

Men tend to find it more difficult to decipher sarcasm than women. Syda Productions/Shutterstock

How To Scientifically Tell When Someone Is Lying

Often in conversation, people would make joke with sarcasm and intend to go for small “white” lies with one another. Generally speaking, it is easy for most to tell when someone is telling the truth, and when someone is simply making a joke, However in some cases, the distinction can […]

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Scientists Have Managed To Erase Memories In A Snail’s Brain

According to the result from a study on experiments in snails, it has been found out that there existed the possibility to delete memories that cause anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder also known as PTSD. The discovery was released in the journal Current Biology and the research team came from Columbia […]

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Use This Online Test to Check Out Which Personality Traits You Have

Use This Online Test to Check Out Which Personality Traits You Have

It is commonly accepted that every human being has its own characters in regard to different traits, temperaments and quirks, whether he is an altruistic daydreamer or she is a short-tempered narcissist. If you want to know what kind of personality traits you have, you could try to find out by […]

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Image credit: Jaromir Chalabala/ Shutterstock

Study Reveals Association between Poverty and Children’s Brain Development

Based on scanning work dedicated to the brains of around 1,000 individuals, researchers have discovered the association between brain size and socioeconomic status in regard to children and adolescents. The study has revealed that certain parts of brain, especially those related to functions of language and decision-making, have the tendency […]

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Image credit: hepingting, "Autism," via Flickr. CC BY-SA 2.0

Scientists Find Autism Can Be Largely Down to Genes

While it is not quite clear about how autism is caused at present, both genetics and the environment are closely linked with it according to the prevailing idea. However, it is still difficult to establish the relevant contributions of these two factors associated with autism. Based on the investigation of […]

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Image credit: Brain regions showing significantly greater activation in the high-trauma-exposed group in response to stress cues, compared to the low-trauma-exposed group / 2015 J. Elsey et al., Nature Publishing Group

Trauma in Childhood Is Found to Alter Neural Responses to Stress

It is said that earlier experience of trauma in life has been attributed to anxiety, depression, obesity as well as substance abuse in later stage of life. After the examination of brain scans of 64 teenagers, researchers have confirmed that such psychiatric disorders or risky behaviors might result in changed […]

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Image credit: BrazilPhotos/shutterstock.com

Why Does Marijuana Provide You with The Munchies?

Do you fancy chicken wings or chip & fish? It has been known that the uncontrollable urge to snack is contributed to activating the cannabinoid receptor 1 (CB1R). However, based on the latest research released in the new edition of Nature, the munchies are driven partly by neurons, typically functioning to […]

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Image credit: Cells displaying Purkinje cell markers. Credit: RIKEN

Growing Functioning 3D Brain Tissue from Stem Cells

The primary aim of study on stem cell is targeted at creation of functional replica tissues and organs to be used as replacements in case of disease or injury, or for further development of drugs as well as other kinds of therapeutic techniques. Although it has been challenging to get tissues […]

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Image credit: Peter Burnett/iStockphoto

Spinal Circuit for Light Touch and Fine Motor Control Helps You Walk on Ice

At present, many residents living in Northern Hemisphere are having their coldest days in winter and some of them are good at walking on top of ice. According to the latest study done by the scientists from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in California, it is suggested that apart […]

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Image credit: Luis Carlos Jimenez del rio

New Research Suggests Daily Marijuana Use Is Not Associated with Brain Abnormalities in Adolescents or Adults

According to some recent researches, smoking marijuana is closely linked with physical changes in certain areas of the brain, as far as shape and volume is concerned. However there is no established cause and effect approved by these studies. At present, the latest study, by application of a more robust experimental design […]

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