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Category: Physics

Wave-interference like in this image happens within resonators. EPFL

The Solution To A Century-Old Physics Problem Might Lead To Better Telecommunications And Cloaking Devices

During a long period of more than 100 years, it is kind of a concept called the Q factor that has regulated the electronic devices. It is necessary for devices to have a small bandwidth, If they are storing a lot of energy for a long time, or vice-versa. As far […]

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Image credit: TheBackyardScientist/YouTube

What Will Happen When You Put Molten Salt into Water Tank?

TheBackyardScientist is returned, bringing back with a super-high-speed camera and a fish tank as well as some molten salt. It is known that salt (sodium chloride, in technical term) would turn into a molten liquid once it could be to over 801 degrees celsius (1,474 degrees fahrenheit). Therefore, when you drop a […]

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Image credit: NRK Viten/YouTube

A Physicist Fires Weapon Underwater – with His Own Life on the Line

Recently, Andreas Wahl, who was a bold physicist, was seen to hang him 14 meters off the side of rickety looking warehouse for the sake of science. In his latest video, he was shown to risk his own life so as to test the power of fluid resistance by firing a loaded gun. In […]

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Image credit: sakkmesterke/Shutterstock.

NIST Team Sets New Distance Record for Quantum Teleportation

The new breakthrough in quantum teleportation is not similar to that “classical” one you have seen in Star Trek. Now researchers have announced that they have broken the previous distance record for quantum teleportation, which could vital in regard to quantum computing, but it would not be so important in […]

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Image credit: Water vapor escaping from a mouth. Screenshot/Physics Girl

How to Make a Cloud in Your Mouth

  When being asked about this question, you might be thinking of the need of smoke. However this trick is not related to smoke, or inhaling anything at all, instead a normal breath will do. If you want to make a cloud in your own mouth, you can follow a […]

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Images credit: Vuckovic Lab

Scientists Take Big Step Towards Using Light instead of Wires in Computers

Compared with electricity which can transmit data via wires, light should be more efficient in this regard. However, there is still some problem in the way to make it reliably work in a computer. Recently a group of engineers headed by Jelena Vuckovic of StanfordUniversity has announced a brand-new “optical […]

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Image credit: Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare. A copper block has been cooled to a record cold temperature for something this size

Copper Block Achieves a New Record for Cold Temperature

A block of copper, which was cooled down to -273.144 °C, had been kept where it was for fifteen days with some little assistance from the ancient Romans. It was the newest record for cold temperatures on a visual thing to human. According to the third law of thermodynamics, it is […]

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Image credit: Ilya Dorzdov, Yazdani Lab, Princeton University. The peaks at the end of an iron wire indicate an absence of magnetism characteristic of a long-sought particle.

Physicists Report a Particle That Is Both Matter and Its Own Antimatter Counterpart

It is surprisingly known to most physics students that all basic particles are characteristic of being particles as well as waves. However, for the first time in history, physicists have discovered something much unusual: a particle is matter, but it is also antimatter. Since the 1930s, the subatomic speck, also […]

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Image credit: Philip Krantz, Krantz NanoArt. An artificial atom (right) generates sound waves consisting of a stream of quantum particles picked up on the left by a "microphone" of metal fingers.Illustration not to scale.

For the First Time, Scientists Capture the Sound of an Atom

According to Martin Gustafasson , the lead author of a new paper published in Science, the scientists not used an “artificial atom” to do extraordinary things with light, but also captured “the weakest sound of it to create a tool in order to examine the quantum behavior. It is believed that an artificial atom made of some material could […]

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Image credit: Vsauce

How Heavy Is Thor’s Hammer?

According to mythology, the Norse god Thor wields a hammer called Mjölnir. Marvel has expanded Thor’s place in popular culture by publishing comics about Thor, and also has graciously brought us movies on this topic starring Chris Hemsworth. Thor’s hammer is alleged to have been forged within the core of […]

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