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Category: Science Blog

Image credit: YouTube screenshot / Cars and Water

Watch This Video: What Happens If You Put a Red-Hot Nickel Ball on Ice?

If you intend to put something heated on ice, what do you expect to happen? People could say it is obvious that the ice would melt. However the unexpected thing is the unsacred sound made by the ice block when the red-hot nickel ball cut through the solid slab of frozen […]

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Image credit: AsapSCIENCE

Fantastic Science Parody of Taylor Swift Song

Sometimes the guys over at AsapSCIENCE have to face the problem of slow news. Under such circumstance, they made the decision to better use their spare time in the way that they tried to create an acapella style education parody of Taylor Swift. By doing so, AsapSCIENCE is intended to […]

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Image credit: isak55 via Shutterstock

Major Publisher Retracts Dozens of Scientific Papers after Fake Peer-Review Uncovered

Shocked by “fabrication” of peer reviews, BioMed Central, Scientific Publisher, has withdrawn 43 papers followed by the further investigation. It is admitted by some editors within the Journal that such withdrawn papers should be the tip of a dangerous iceberg. This scandalous event could to lead to a thorough examination of the […]

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Image credit: Corded ware pottery at the Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte in Berlin / Einsamer Schütze via Wikimedia CC BY-SA 3.0

Mysterious Indo-European Languages Originated 6,000 Years Ago from the Steppes of Ukraine and Russia

It is believed that 400 languages and dialects in the world were originated from Proto-Indo-European, for example, it had been the ancestral tongue of English, German, Italian, Greek, and Hindi. Although it could be found in historic records as early as 3,700 years, there has been intense debate among researchers […]

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Image credit: Annthea Lewis/Nature

Science Journal Nature Makes Its Archives Free to Read and Share Online

Nature, the very popular scientific journal, has made it possible to have all its articles to be shared and read online freely, which is considered to be a big step towards the open access. All the articles, including the earliest ones published in 1869, will be provided to its subscribers […]

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Image credit: Screen capture from the Mental Floss video

50 Common Misconceptions about Science

In your daily life, sometimes you would come across the some doubts, such as one human year equaling to seven dog years, sunflowers tracking the sun across the sky in reality or possible existence of the Brontosaurus … If you want to have the answers to such questions, you need […]

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"Internet" is a Commonly Borrowed English Word This Internet café is in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Yun. Image credit: Huang Yong on Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

Database of Loans Suggests that English is The World’s Number One Borrower and Lender of Words

International word trades are sometimes friendly, sometimes not. Chemise, schadenfreude and Tennessee are the words originally borrowed from the languages of French, German and Cherokee respectively. According to the report by the Boston Globe reports, it appears that English have borrowed numerous words from almost other languages all over the world. However, […]

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Atlantic Spotted Dolphins So long, and thanks for all the fish. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons.

The Girl Who Talked to Dolphins

A strange relationship was developed between a researcher and a dolphin in 1965. Early In 1965, a woman participated in a project funded by NASA, which requested her to stay in rooms full of a few feet of seawater for the period of six months. Except for herself, she had […]

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Image credit: Sam Kaplan.

The Science of Bubbles

More than just good for a bath, bubbles are a focus of new research. Bubbles are quite common seen in our daily life. Usually they are simply regarded to be beverage enhancers or kind of entertainment for the kids. However, scientists see bubbles in a totally different way. In addition […]

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SolePower insoles generates and stores electricity with each step you take.Image credit: SolePower.

Charge Your Gadgets by Simply Walking

Do you know that every stride you make in walking can give out energy sufficient to light up a bulb? Instead of wasting such energy, the latest gadget called SolePower can store it to be used as electrical power later. This gadget was invented by Matt Stanton and Hahna Alexande, former […]

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