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Category: Space & Time

Artist's conception of how WISE 0855 might appear if viewed close-up in infrared light. Artwork by Joy Pollard, Gemini Observatory/AURA.

Water Clouds Observed in a Distant Star System

Our galaxy is full of with brown dwarfs, which are failed stars filling a gap between planets and stars. At present, astronomers could make a very important discovery through studying a nearby brown dwarf. A team based at UC Santa Cruz has got the first infrared spectrum of the brown […]

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Image credit: Human Blastocyst. Prescott Pym via Flickr CC BY-NC 2.0

For the First Time, Mammal Embryos Have Been Grown In Space

Based on a Chinese experiment, it was confirmed for the first time that mammal embryos could evolve in space. This experiment was implemented, on board China’s SJ-10 recoverable satellite, in a self-sufficient chamber in which there were nearly 6,000 mouse embryos,. High-resolution photos demonstrated that some of embryos had evolved into blastocysts within […]

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Image credit: We'll never trust anyone again. Evan-Amos/Wikimedia

Sorry, There Is No Such Thing as “Astronaut Ice Cream”

You should have heard or seen the “freeze-dried” packets of astronaut food which are sold in museum gift shops or novelty stores. We would be curious to know what taste and texture astronauts could have, whether it is banana flavor or ice cream one. However, if you are told it […]

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Image credit: Ordnance Survey/Flickr

115-Megapixel Map of Mars Released

Like a picture could be much worthy than a thousand words, it would be possibly better than data. The amazing cartographic map of Mars is the best example in this respect. This picture is commissioned by Dr. Peter Grindrod, a British scientist engaged in the European ExoMars mission. Ordnance Survey (OS), the British mapping […]

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Image credit: Opportunity grinding rocks in the Marathon Valley. NASA

The Opportunity Rover Celebrated Twelve Years on Mars

On Sunday, January 24, 2004, NASA’s Mars rover Opportunity first landed on the surface of Mars, so it have been 12 Earth years there this year. Being budgeted to last 90 days, Opportunity was expected to have a lifespan for several months, because its solar panel was thought to possibly covered […]

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Image credit: musicman/Shutterstock

“Santa’s Sleigh” Will Be Visible On Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, when you look up at the sky in Great Britain, you will be able to come across a weird passing light that is shining high up among the stars. Is it the Santa’s sleigh? NO! Actually it will be a quick movement of the International Space Station (ISS) […]

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Image credit: NASA/Hubble Heritage Team

Seven Myths about Space You Might Believe

You would not be surprised to know that some of the things you have learnt at school are actually totally wrong. It is commonly accepted that human understanding of the Earth as well as the Universe are always under constant shift, as we are getting further to know more about how […]

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Image credit: Harvepino/Shutterstock

Ethiopia Launches the First Space Program in East Africa

It would be not surprised to see that few countries in Africa have their own space programs, because this continent is regarded as the poorest and least developed regions in the world. However, if you know that Ethiopia, one of the poorest and most populous countries in Africa, has succeeded […]

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Image credit: This is just an artist's impression, don't worry. NikoNomad/Shutterstock.

An Amazing Self-Healing Material Could Repair Damaged Spacecraft Instantly

After a micrometeoroid struck the International Space Station (ISS), the air inside the station started to go quickly out of the hole into the vacuum of space. However, just in a few seconds, before the station came into destruction, the hole sealed itself and ensured the entire safety of the […]

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Image credit: Shown is the Veggie system on the ISS. NASA.

Astronauts on the ISS Eat Space-Grown Salad for the First Time in History

If humans could successfully manage to go to Mars, or hopefully go further to the Solar System, it is vital for their survival that they should become self-sustainable and capable of growing their own food on these very long journeys. To realize such goal, at present an important step has […]

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