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Your personal information could be out there for everyone to see, from annoying advertising services to criminals. rvlsoft/Shutterstock

Tool Shows All Of Your Facebook Information That’s Publicly Available

If you’ve spent the past week watching the popular TV show Black Mirror, you might feel somehow excited about technology. Except for your existential anxiety about cyberspace, you would be much concerned about your privacy on the Internet. Fortunately, the company called Supremo has invented a simple tool , with […]

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Image credit: Endohedral fullerenes could help to produce the most accurate atomic clocks ever, and are the most expensive material ever produced. AVN Photo Lab/Shutterstock

What Is The Most Expensive Material In The World?

If you are asked to name some expensive materials, you would mention of diamond, gold and plutonium. However it is not the case now, for scientists at Oxford University have created a material which is more expensive than all of the finest substances you could afford to purchase. At a […]

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The latest crash involved a Tesla Model X car, shown. David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

There Is No Need to Be Afraid of Self-Driving Vehicles

On average, nearly 3,000 people lose their lives in car accidents all over the world each day and 94 percent of such accidents are caused by human error. So people would think that the arrival of self-driving cars should be widely welcomed . However they might be wrong in some sense. Not […]

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Marty Linn, General Motors principal engineer for robotics, shakes hands with Robonaut 2, the robot that led to the development of the gloves. NASA/GM

NASA’s RoboGloves Can Double the Strength of Your Hands

They were initially created with robots on the International Space Station (ISS) in mind, but such “Robogloves” would be possibly helping Earthlings in the fields of health-care and manufacturing in the near future. It has taken nine years for General Motors and NASA to create these gloves. The technology was […]

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Image credit: The Fukushima power plant two years after the meltdown in 2013. IAEA Imagebank/Flick CC BY-SA 2.0

Robots Sent To Clean Up Fukushima Power Plant Have “Died”

After the robots were sent into Fukushima’s no-man’s land, they did not come back, because radiation levels in the power plant were tested to be so strong that their circuit boards failed to deal with. Five years ago in 2011, a tsunami severely destroyed Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station and this […]

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Image credit: Tesla Motor S by Raneko, via Wikimedia Commons.

Tesla Launches ‘Autopilot’ Update that Can Control Motors, Braking and Steering

It is now possible for Tesla drivers in North America to be equipped with an “autopilot” mode just by updating their car software. Although this latest feature would not enable the cars to become totally self-driving machines, it could allow drivers to easily deal with some dangerous situations as well […]

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Image credit: China Central Television (CCTV+) /YouTube

Watch This Drone Footage Video: China Begins to Assemble Mega Radio Telescope

The largest and most sensitive radio telescope in the world is near to completion in China. To present its magnificence, China Central Television has used the drone to reveal its latest development, as well as its unbelievably huge size. Located among the foggy hills of Pingtang County, Guizhou Province of southwest China, […]

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Image credit: Open Bionics/Disney

Open Bionics Creates 3D-Printed Superhero Prosthetic Arms with Disney

Open Bionics,a robotics company based in U.K. and Disney have jointly developed the 3D-printed prosthetic arms, which would make both kids and even adult excited. At present, three designs have been produced by the company, including a shining arm inspired by Elsa from Frozen, a robotic arm that appears to […]

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Image credit: Bird Strategy/YouTube

Russia Is Using an Ingenious Method to Stop People Abusing Disabled Parking Spots

Among the most disgusting type of people, you may think those parking in designated spaces for disabled should be included. At present, Dislife, one Russian organization, has worked out an ingenious way to make such violators think carefully before doing so. It is quite usual to ignore the sign painted […]

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Image credit: The geographically accurate version. Transport for London

Secret Geographically Accurate London Underground System Map Revealed

If it was your first time to look at the London underground map, you would possibly think that there was not so much to talk about. With color-coded lines, dots and zones, it is quite simple to use your finger to plan a trip. However, local residents and regular visitors […]

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