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Image credit: DHS/John Price via NASA

DHS and NASA Technology Helps Save Four Lives in Nepal Earthquake by Detecting Their Heartbeats

The new radar technology developed by NASA could identify the heartbeats of people who had been buried under 10 feet of rubble because of the fatal 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Nepal. Such novel search-and-rescue technology is known as FINDER (Finding Individuals for Disaster and Emergency Response). By application of the microwave-radar […]

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Image credit: Tatiana Shepeleva/shutterstock

US Military Develops “Self-Steering” Bullets that Can Hit a Mobile Target

  If you think that the study on robotic pack animals, initiated by the U.S. Department of Defense, is not so that terrifying, their tests on ‘self-steering’ bullets in February could be unnerving with the progress made so far. This project is known as EXACTO. With a video released by the […]

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Image credit: Screenshot of Carbon3D video

Researchers at UNC-Chapel Hill Develop Terminator-Inspired 3D Printer that Can Materialize Objects from Pools of Liquid

While some scientists regard movies as their muse for further creation, other resort to nature for encouragement of new invention. Inspired by “Back to the Future,” researchers have invented a hoverboard already. Furthermore, at present, they have designed a Terminator 2-style 3D printer, which could be able to produce impressive objects […]

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Image credit: University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, via Defense Tech

A Paralyzed Woman Flew an F-35 Fighter Jet Simulator Using Only Her Mind

  Not long ago, it was reported that a paralyzed woman was able to control a robotic arm just by her mind, which was made possible because of a novel brain-machine interface system and an experimental robotics program initiated by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. It is amazing now that […]

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Image credit: Carlos Sanchez, Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University

Remote-Controlled Cyborg Cockroaches Could Help Save Lives

When disaster falls, it is very vital to grasp every minute to rescue survivors trapped in a dangerous situation. In order to locate survivors more quickly, scientists have developed remote-controlled bionic cockroaches more capable than a robot in terms of maneuvering through rubble and tight spaces. The study, hosted by […]

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Image credit: In the search for ways to store data permanently, ETH researchers have been inspired by fossils / Philipp Stössel / ETH Zurich

DNA Hard Drive Can Preserve Data for a Few Millennia

With inspiration from fossilized bones, scientists have discovered an approach to preservation of data in the form of DNA enclosed in silica. Being released in the recent edition of Angewandte Chemie, such discovery findings could allow digital information to be permanently preserved, or for millions of years. While ancient scrolls […]

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Image credit: GuardBot, Inc.

GuardBot Develops Miliirary Amphibious Robot Guard Balls

Although it appears as kind of a stability ball, which you often come across at the gym, in fact, GuardBot is a spherical, amphibious robot characteristic of many potential applications in broadcasting, reconnaissance, as well as security use. Developed by the company with the same name of GuardBot, which was based at […]

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Image credit: CORE-Materials, "Model of Graphene Structure," via Flickr. CC BY-SA 2.0

Graphene Might Lead to Improved Bullet-Proof Vests and Hydrogen Fuel Cells

When the amazing material—graphene was discovered ten years ago, scientists and engineers have expected its practical application ever since. With thickness of a single atom thick, such carbon sheets are regarded as the thinnest material in the world and at the same time they are the strongest as well. Therefore it […]

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Image credit: Screenshot of youtube video by BristolIG (Bristol Interaction and Graphics group), University of Bristol

Ultrasound Creates a 3D Haptic Shape that Can Be Seen and Felt

Haptic technology might be the technical term with which you are quite familiar. But it actually exists in our daily life, such as the buzz you hear from the smartphone when tapping the keys, and the rumble of the Wii controller when player smashing a tennis ball. However, such touch […]

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Image credit: Wikimedia Commons, Author: Masae

This Will Revolutionize Education

For the last century, we often heard of such saying – this latest technology would actually revolutionize education; it refers to the different new technology at the different times of the history, for example, the motion picture, radio, educational television, computers and tablet computers, which have been regarded as pioneers […]

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