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Image credit: Lowline

Solar Tech Could Enable Underground Parks in Camped Cities

If there is some urgent demand for building space in cites, it would be quite difficult to maintain fast-growing cities green. However most people dislike living in a concrete jungle, they want to find the way out. So an American company came up with an unconventional solution: to build underground […]

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Image credit: First Solar

World’s Largest Solar Farm Is Now Operational in California

The largest solar farm in the world has been established on desert lands in California. Named as Topaz, it went online not long ago after the completion of its final 40-megawatt phase, thus allowing it to be the first 500-plus megawatt solar plant built in operation in the U.S.A. Situated in […]

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Image credit: The ultimate steampunk device may be older than was previously thought. Tilemahos Efthimiadis via Wikimedia Commons.

The Mysterious Antikythera Mechanism Even More Ancient than We Thought

According to the latest research, the amazing Antikythera mechanism is much older than scientists thought before. It is suggested that it should be started 1800 years ago rather than 1500 years ago. Being discovered in the wreck of a sunken ship in 1901 in the Aegean Sea around 60 BC, the […]

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Image credit: flaivoloka

Elon Musk Confirms that SpaceX Will Soon Be Launching Satellites for “Unfettered, Low Cost” Internet

Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of SpaceX recently wrote on Twitter, claiming SpaceX was planning to send off a group of micro-satellites which would offer internet access with high-speed, low cost and no restriction. Musk also confirmed that more details regarding this project would be released formally in coming […]

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Image credit: AlexanderAlUS, CC

Graphene-Based Supercapaciors Help Boost the Development of Electric Cars

Batteries appear to limit the wide application of electric cars in some respects, because they are regarded as one of the most expensive part of the vehicle with limited range compared in regard to the vehicles powered by gasoline. While some remarkable achievements have been made recently, a group of […]

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Image credit: Alexander Eichler / ETH Zürich

Extremely High-Resolution Magnetic Resonance Detects Single Atom

It has been more than forty years since Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) was applied for investigation of soft bodily tissues for medical diagnosis. For the time being, an MRI machine is able to resolve structures down to about 0.1 millimeters, which has been in practice for a quite long time […]

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Image credit: Epithelial tissue during dorsal closure of a fruit fly embryo. Betzig Lab, HHMI

Novel Microscope Collects Dynamic Images of Living Organisms

Professor Eric Betzig from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) in Ashburn, Virginia has been awarded with the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry because of his achievement in developing the super-resolved fluorescence microscopy. In addition, Eric Betzig and his team are making continuous efforts in development of a lattice light-shield microscope, which is […]

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Image credit: Paragon Space Development Corporation

A 57-Year-Old Man Skydives from Stratosphere and Breaks Baumgartner’s Record

On October 9, 2012, by his famous plummeting of 128,100 feet to our planet, Earth Felix Baumgartner set the world record for highest-altitude jump. This event, sponsored by Red Bull, was lively witnessed by 12.6 million people all over the world. However, this record was broken by Alan Eustace, a computer scientist aged […]

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Image credit: Screen shot via Make

3D Printer Constructs Houses with Mud for People in Impoverished Areas

It is reported that more than one billion people all over the world are homeless or live in shabby houses. With the development of 3D printing, people are considering to apply this new technique to quickly building houses with concrete so as to solve such crisis. However the feasibility of this method has […]

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Image credit: Screen shot via Air Umbrella

A Novel Air Umbrella Generates a “Force Field” to Keep You from the Rain

Generally you have to hold a soggy umbrella on a rainy day, but it might be changed now. Recently a Chinese company developed new umbrella called Air Umbrella. Instead of using fabric, it turns to forced air to make a canopy which could be able to prevent the raindrops from […]

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