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China Claims Jade Rabbit Moon Rover to Be Alive but Weak

Jade rabbit

A photograph of the giant screen at the Beijing Aerospace Control Center shows photo of the Yutu, or ”Jade Rabbit” lunar rover taken by the camera on the Chang’e 3 probe during the mutual-photograph process, in Beijing December 15, 2013.

According to the official Xinhua news agency Chin, Jade Rabbit, the Chinese moon rover was still alive and operational, but some technical faults and cold lunar nights had considerably affected its normal function.

Jade Rabbit, whose name was originated from a popular lunar goddess in the Chinese legends, had landed on the moon last December to a big nation-wide fanfare.

Although confronting some mechanical abnormalities in control matters, the rover had already started its mission for engaging in geological surveys as well as looking for natural resources.

As Li Bengzheng, deputy commander-in-chief of China’s lunar program said, the buggy was now capable of sending back to Earth useful data delivered by the Chang’e 3 probe.

However, the buggy’s wheels and the solar panel especially designed for thermal insulation during the frozen lunar nights had failed to work and its functions was increasingly deteriorating as the rover stayed on lunar each night.

China has been making every effort to push forward its space program for military, commercial and scientific purposes; however, there is a still long way to move before it was able to catch up with the United States and Russia, two main great space powers

The Jade Rabbit and the Chang’e 3 probe were regarded to complete the first “soft landing” on the moon since 1976 in addition to those missions undertaken by the United States and the Soviet Union before.

Source: Reuters