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Constructing Villages of Houses by 3D Printers

3d house 1

There is an old saying goes that Rome was not built in a day. However, the miracle does happen now in our times. Built with 3D printed concrete parts, a village consisting of 10 houses has been established only in one day in China’s Shanghai. As some parts of the house is made out of recycled waste, the cost for each one is just around $5,000.

3d house 2

WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Co, the pioneer of such project, has spent some years in trying to make the system perfect so as to get an outstanding satisfaction. By using the quite big printer which is 6 meter deep, 10 meter wide and 150 meter long, the engineers with the company have generated the concrete parts and then assembled them together into the small buildings that were sturdy as well.

 3d house 3

The material used for construction parts is a kind of thing mixing together high quality cement, recycled construction waste and industrial waste. Such mixture is finally reinforced with glass fibers.

It is obvious that the 3D printing technology applied by the company is different from the traditional concept we know. Since there is no giant printer available to generate the whole buildings at the construction site, its printer is used for production of concrete parts layer by layer. After that, such parts would be transported to the construction site and then assembled into buildings by engineers and workers.

 3d house 4

The software developed by the company for designing the parts could be also used for production of other things such as plumbing and windows, to be installed later after erection of the building.

 3d house 5

These buildings might not look so same as the three-bedroom house in the traditional sense. It is hoped that they would help offer a quick and cheap housing solution for those individuals and families who are poverty-stricken or displaced.

At present, WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Co has planned to establish 100 recycling factories all over the country to convert waste into the necessary materials for erection of such buildings.

Source and image credit: 3ders.org