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Crocodile Plays Tug-Of-War With Elephant’s Trunk

violent elephant

*violent elephant trumpeting noises* Alexander Makanga/YouTube

You had better not to anthropomorphize animals greatly, because it is unfair to apply our laws and behaviors to them. However, in some cases crocodiles could be such cold-hearted thing.

Not long ago when Alexander Makanga was on a riverboat safari near Mvuu Camp, he was lucky enough to capture the whole battle on video that vividly showing the escape of an from the jaws of a crocodile at the Liwonde National Park in Malawi.

The small elephant wandered over to the riverside to drink some water. Suddenly, crushing out of nowhere, a crocodile took hold of its trunk and then chaos happened. And a herd of elephants were confronting a crocodile immediately.

Fortunately with help from a larger adult elephant, this small one succeeded in struggling away from the grip of the tenacious crocodile.

Interestingly Rudyard Kipling told this story in his Just So stories, in which he illustrated the incident between the elephant and a crocodile in a tug-of-war.for the long trunk of the elephant.

If you would like to know more about what happens in that battle, you could turn to the video taken by Rudyard Kipling to see the unique scene.