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Want to Be Lady GaGa? Let’s DIY her “Video” Glasses



Angela Sheehan

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I decided to make myself a Lady GaGa costume for Halloween, so I DIYed these simple but eye-catching glasses. They are pretty easy to make—just attach two digital picture frame key chains to sunglasses.

Please Note:

The major drawback of these glasses is that you can’t see through, hence you should not walk around when showing yourself off. Plus, the two individual key chains are not synced so you need to practice pressing “ON” simultaneously, which is pretty cool.

While, now are your DIYers ready to start?

 1. Tools and materials.


 As you see, you will need:

● Computer and USB connection (to download pictures to the digital picture frame key chains)

● Hot glue gun & glue

● Pliers (to remove frame from the key chains)

● Paint (it would be better if the color is same with the glasses)

● Cheap glasses (if you don’t mind your Gucci ones then ignore the attribute)

● 2 digital picture frame key chains (1.5”screen is the best and although they retail for about $20, I actually got two from eBay for $6 each)

 2. Prepare the glasses.


 Pop out the lenses from your glasses, which makes it easier to attach the digital picture frames later. When you need to crack the lenses please be more careful in case you will hurt yourself. You should wear gloves and safety glass, or just grab a cheap glass frame without lenses.

3. Remove the key chain clasps.


 Remove the key chain clasps from the digital picture frame using pliers. Just unbend the small metal ring which attaches to the plastic, then you are done.

4. Download images.


 Download some cool images to the two digital picture frames and test them out. Also, set the slideshow time to the fastest setting to make them seem like “videos”.

5. Attach the frames to the glasses.


Using a hot glue gun to attached the digital picture frames to the sunglasses. Don’t forget to lay glues the frames for several times to make a sturdy connection.


Please make sure to leave enough room for the USB connection and buttons for the digital picture frames. (The one in the image is not a good example since there’s not a lot of space to work with).


Use the paint that has the same color with the glass to cover the hot glue and make the frames blend in the glasses.

6. You are the superstar.


Yeah, it’s done! You couldn’t wait to show off and impress your friends right now, right?  Be the superset superstar in the coming Halloween!

 7. DIYer check-in.

Who has already DIYed the “video glasses”? Show them off!

Reference: Lady GaGa ‘Video’ Glasses