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Edward Snowden: We May Never Spot Space Aliens Due to Encryption


Image credit: Encrypted data is “indistinguishable from cosmic microwave background radiation.” welcomia/Shutterstock

According to Edward Snowden, the former CIA employee and a well-known whistleblower, it was possible for alien communications to reach Earth, while we might not be capable of telling them from background radiation. It is his belief that encryption, which could turn data into a code that is hard to read, would be harmful to our opportunities of detecting or being detected by alien species.

Being interviewed by deGrasse Tyson on Neil’s StarTalk podcast from Russia that offered his temporary asylum, Snowden suggested that if aliens, like human kind, have encrypted their communications, it would be very difficult to identify as well.

As Snowden said, if looking at encrypted communication and thinking that they were encrypted in a proper way, actually it would be hard for people to tell that they were encrypted, because one could not tell a properly encrypted communication from random behavior.

In the past decades, human have been looking for extraterrestrial signals. However Snowden suggested that the movement away from open communications on our planet could be replicated in alien societies if they did exist, which meant that there would be a restricted window of chance to intercept their signals.

Snowden believed that if we had an alien civilization making attempt to listen for other civilizations or our civilization trying to listen for aliens, there should be just one small period in the course of their social development when all their communication would be sent by the most primitive and most unprotected means.

Perhaps there should be some alien civilizations in the outer space, but they begun with encrypting their communications long before we really started to search for them. It is possible that we could have already received their version of The Office, but unfortunately we did not realize it at all.

However, as ET fans, you should not be too downhearted, because we know that If there are aliens who have developed so well that they could create electronic communication systems and then encrypt them, it would be definitely probable that they could broadcast “We’re here!” in their own unencrypted signal.

Source: The Guardian

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