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Environmentally Friendly Diapers Are Developed from Jellyfish


As jellyfish population is becoming bigger and the disposal of absorbent products is drawing more attention, scientists now have explored an interesting approach in making diapers from jellyfish so as to achieve the goal of killing two birds with one stone.

As one of the few organisms that are populous in the warming oceans on Earth, jellyfish has already posed the serious problems. Last year Oskarshamn Nuclear Power Plant in Sweden was temporarily closed owing to a clump of jellyfish being sucked into a pipe. In addition, jellyfish is also making trouble to fishermen, because sometimes they could clog trawl lines.

How to solve such environmental problem needs more concerns to deal it practically and wisely. With their imagination, scientists are working very hard towards this solution. A team with Cine’al Ltd has begun to develop some kind of absorbent material from jellyfish, which is regarded to be environment-friendly.

Sometime ago, people would prefer the re-usable diapers, but later they turn to a more convenient disposable diaper, which is thought to be a great idea on the surface. However, it is unfortunate that such diapers and some other kinds of absorbent products like sanitary pads contain materials which are hard to degrade in landfills, because they would be accumulated in the environment for a long period of time. To handle such serious situation, Cine’al Ltd has found a much better material to produce these products—Hydromash.

To add nano-materials to jellyfish flesh, Hydromash could be produced, thus creating a super-absorbent material which could not only made into diapers but also paper towels too as well as sanitary products.

The scientists confirm compared with many paper towels extant at present, it would be much more absorbent and it could bio-degrades within a month. If added other nano-particles into it, it would ensure material with more attributes like flexibility and anti-bacterial properties with a more reasonable and competitive price.

For the time being, it’s not sure how quickly these jelly diapers might show in the market, but the team hope that people will pay more attention to such strange ingredients and make these green products available as soon as possible.

Source: Discover