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Explore a Tiger Shark’s Mouth as It Gobbles a GoPro

tiger shark

Image credit: Willy Volk, “Tiger Shark” via Flickr. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

It would be a very exciting experience in diving with sharks, because the sharks would glide at your side with a curious and elegant pace, therefore it could lead to the overwhelming reaction in regard to both fear and respect.

However, it would disappear when the sharks think it is worth nibbling a piece of diver’s equipment. By doing so, they would envelop the whole darn thing with their huge razor-sharp teeth lined mouth.

Surprisingly, the GoPro camera of this diver survived to describe what actually happened inside the tiger shark’s mouth, even if it was very short moment, which saw the shark’s eyes roll back when it moved to the camera.

The most intriguing thing was that at the beginning, the shark showed little interests in the equipment and for the last minute it changed direction immediately and attacked the camera. Even being regarded as the highly evolved predators, tiger sharks would be considered to be pretty lazy based on their behavioral observations.

According to Mike Heithaus, the marine biologist, quite different from some more swift and agile species, like the mako shark, tiger sharks are usually not so maneuverable; as a result, they always rely on surprise to capture things.

It should be regarded as a primary surprise to the unsuspecting diver. However, the curious tiger shark left away the camera quickly and continued its journey in looking for its prey, doing no harm to the diver, who possibly just got a racing heart.