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GuardBot Develops Miliirary Amphibious Robot Guard Balls


Image credit: GuardBot, Inc.

Although it appears as kind of a stability ball, which you often come across at the gym, in fact, GuardBot is a spherical, amphibious robot characteristic of many potential applications in broadcasting, reconnaissance, as well as security use. Developed by the company with the same name of GuardBot, which was based at Connecticut, it started originally as a potential bot used for missions to Mars, but now the United States military is testing its possibility of offering assistance to patrolling duties in future.

With the diameter of 60 centimeters, this ball could be scaled up to 3 meters as the biggest one or down to 10 centimeters as the smallest one. The smaller version would be perfectly applied to searching underneath vehicles at security checkpoints. Being powered by a battery with maximum usage up to 8 hours, GuardBot could be also controlled via remote to carry out the targeted missions, or it could be programmed to move along an area to be pre-defined by GPS on board.

This amphibious robot is able to travel on different terrains, such as grass, mud, sand, as well as snow with the highest speed of 9.7 kilometers each hour. However, it moves quite slowly in the water with top speed of 6.4 kilometers per hour. Although this speed is a little bit slower, it is functional enough to complete the necessary guard duties. In addition, this robot could climb up hills with a 30 degree slope, making it possible for it to guard the different location.

Two clear payload domes peek out on both side of GuardBot, and the instrument inside could be varied according to the user’s requirements. With two high-definition cameras on board, it is capable of being independently oriented and making alive stream video. Apart from normal installation, GuardBot could be equipped with laser scanners, motion sensors and night vision. The robot is also capable of sensing chemicals used for explosives, which would give warning to soldiers to move carefully in the area.

Thanks to an internal pendulum to regulate the center of gravity, the robot could have its instruments kept in the position of being upright as it moves. If you want to watch more videos of this amazing robot in action, you had better go to check out the channel of GuardBot on YouTube.