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Heal Cavities with Electrical Currents?

I think we’d all be in favor of getting rid of dental drills.


Shrinking cavity 3D images showing how the Electrically Accelerated and Enhanced Remineralization technique can shrink a cavity, in red. Image credit: Nigel Pitts / Kings College London.

As for sugar-snacking young people, the dentist’s drill would be always a source of anxiety for them. However, in application of a painless electrical current for healing holey choppers, a new technique is capable of dealing cavities without drilling,

Such new technique called Electrically Accelerated and Enhanced Remineralzation was developed by the scientists at King’s College London. In practice, they used a device dubbed as “healing hand piece”, which was placed over the site of a cavity.

The tool could emit a small electrical current which was able to promote the remineralization of the tooth, driving calcium, phosphate, and other substances back into the enamel. It is commonly accepted that when bacteria break down, or demineralize the enamel with acid, as a result cavities would happen.

Compared with a traditional filling, the time and cost spent with the technique would be similar or even less. As Professor Nigel Pitts from King’s College said, this novel technique would put an end to the cycle of filling and re-filling, which was a waste of time and money. However this remineralization procedure was one-time task.

Reminova Ltd, a Scottish company is now making efforts to commercialize the technology and hopefully it could be practically used in three years with enough funding support. Owing to different regulatory environment, patients in the United States might wait for a longer time until its actual application in the country.

Source: The Washington Post