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Hey Puppy, Please Get Along with That Kitty!


Do you keep a dog and a cat together but they are always fighting like…dogs and cats? You may wonder how could it possible to make them get along with each other, especially for their first meeting.

Somebody suggests that to help them get along, you should bring them to your home when they are still puppy and kitty. And, it’s better to bring the kitty in prior to the puppy. If you do in this way, although the kitty is smaller in size, she won’t be in the weak position “mentally” and hence won’t be too afraid of the puppy.

The question is, does this method is effective? It’s hard to say, because those who have dogs and still want to keep cats or those on the opposite are normally lack of planning, which means it is difficult for them to decide in advance to bring the dog and cat home when they are young.


So, what if you already have a dog and plan to have a cat? What should you do? Look at how the guy in the following part successfully solved the problem.



“I have experienced keeping a dog and four cats in the same time. The dog was my own puppy, while the four cats were a housecat who temporarily lived in my house, a feral cat that I adopted, a Siamese and a Scottish fold. My experience told me that a dog can get along with any kind of cat, if you properly introduce and guide them.

The nature of dog is to chase anything that is moving fast, and cat falls into this category. Thus, the key point to make them get along with each other is to make the cat not afraid of the dog, while at least not too afraid, and in the same time, make your dog lose interest on the cat.

Here is how I did:

1. When the cat arrives its new residence, separate the cat and the dog for about a week long.

The pro of doing so is that the cat can get familiar with the new place and you won’t make it too excited. A totally different environment and a dog that is always chasing her results in feelings of insecurity, therefore you’d better do it one step at a time.

During this period, your puppy knows that there is a new family member in that house and starts to get excited, wandering around the door or asking your permission to get in. What you should do is just ignore him and allow him to get familiar with the feeling of having a new buddy in his family. Every day, you allow the cat to stroll around the rooms when you walk the dog and before the dog comes back, get the cat back to her own room.

2. Allow the dog to get in the cat’s room and pull it out. Do this for three or four days.

When the dog enters the cat’s room, he should wear the necklace so that you will be easily control the dog’s action, in case he starts to chase the cat.

Now the dog can finally get in the room which makes him excited for several days and right now, you need to take care of him and prevent him from getting crazy to search the cat. At this time, the cat will typically hide at a corner and you drag the dog close to the cat slowly, allowing the dog to smell the cat. When the dog is not as excited as before, you can give him some freedom and walk him out after a while. In three or four days, the dog won’t get that excited when he enters the room and also, the cat is always ready about the possible dog invasion.

3. When you have guests, open the door of the cat’s room and let the kitty walk around.

At this time, the cat still won’t get close to the dog, but she can go for a walk in the house when the dog’s attention is not on her. The dog is happy that there is a small and moving creature and it’s almost inevitable that the dog chases the cat, so this is the time you stop him and teach him that chasing a cat is wrong, which will get him blamed.

As a matter of fact, a cat is not as timid as we think and in the battle between cats and dogs, dogs are not always on the strong side. Simply because cats are usually small in size, we regard them as the weak. Actually, the cats are not weak and they never stop eating and playing around, although they seem to be afraid of the dogs.

4. The dog chases the cat and the cat runs away occasionally.

Again, you could never completely avoid the chasing between dogs and cats but it’s your great success if you just let that happen occasionally and make sure they don’t hurt each other. The situation in my house right now, is in most times, they just live in peace with each other and stay at where they’d like to, sleeping or wandering in the house.

Sometimes the cat gets excited and runs everywhere, then the dog will chase her. However, the cat is familiar with the environment and can always find the place to hide, where the dog can’t figure out. After a while, she’ll get out slowly and continues her activities. Sometimes they battle for toys and tasty jerky, and the cat generally behaves like she is scared and hide away. In fact, the cat is not scared really and can behave strong once the dog is forcing her too much. Often, we hear about the story that a cat scratches a dog’s nose, but we rarely hear a dog bites a cat.


To make your puppy and kitty get along with each other, you have to be patient and go step by step. Starting with a good beginning, makes it a lot easier in the future.

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