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How Can Caffeine Affect Our Body and Brain

A. and I. Kruk

A. and I. Kruk

It is well-known that we would take three substances, namely coffee, tea, and cola, for our daily caffeine fix. But are you aware about how such colorless, odorless, tasteless drug would affect our brain and body when we are having these drinks?

The fact is that caffeine could have impact on multiple areas of our body, such as bloodstream and brain in different ways. That would finally present various effects, not only a boost in wake-fullness, but also mood improvement, focus enhancement , and appetite reduction.

The following is a graphic illustrating how caffeine could affect our bodies hours after consumption.


Caffeine 2

Skye Gould/Business Insider

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This article was originally posted on Business Insider. Copywriter 2016.

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