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Ice Tsunami: What Is Happening In This Video?

Ice Tsunami

Image credit: Screen Shot via Jim Morgenstern

If you have a beachfront property, you would experience the marvelous views in both summer and winter. In summer, the waves would crash upon the shore and in the winter, you would see everything is iced over. However something unusual would happen when the ice goes up out of the water on a severe rampage against your property. Obviously the ice might not seriously be engaged in destruction and mayhem as it does show the phenomenon called as an ice shove.

When the ice is forced by strong winds or currents to come from the water’s surface to reach the land, it is the time when ice shoves take place. Such events are also known as “ice tsunamis”, because they reach the land in the way similar to tsunamis. However, ice shoves could be compared with icebergs in regard to the way in which they work.

The force from the ice shove could be so powerful enough that it could to destruct the trees, houses as well as docks on its way to go on the land.

Earlier this year, Jim Morgenstern had filmed an ice shove occurring on the coast of Lake Winnebago. In his video, apart from piling up in the backyard, ice also was shown to creep into the road, bring the traffic to a standstill. If you want to know how powerful the ice shoves are, you could go watch the following video.