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Incredible Dolphin Birth at Dolphin Quest Hawaii


Image credit: A screen capture from Youtube of a dolphin mother prior to giving birth.

The dolphin mother named as Keo, at the age of twelve, gave birth to a healthy calf after being in labor for nearly one hour. This was the first time for Keo to give a baby and the girl dolphin was the 18th calf that was born at the conservation marine park on September 17, 2012.

According to the website of Dolphin Research Institute, calves are generally born tail first so as to avoid being drowned. Even they could eat fish when they are 6 months old, they would suckle for up to 18 months.

Apart from Keo and her baby, Pele -the baby’s grandmother and Noelani-the baby’s aunt were also living in the Dolphin Quest lagoon in order to keep the mother company.

If you want to know more about this dolphin’s family, please watch the following video carefully.