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Incredible Short Film “Wanderers” Brings Carl Sagan’s Words Back to Life


Image credit: Wanderers/Erik Wernquist

If you want to know something to happen regarding humanity’s future if they leave Earth, you should go watch this amazing short Sci-Fi film made by Erik Wernquist, the Swedish digital artist and animator. The following is a brief introduction of his work to be looked at on his website:

The film presents the kind of vision describing what would happen when human beings expand into the Solar System in future. Although it should be a recognized speculation, the visuals in the film are all related to scientific ideas and concepts in regard to the possibility of human future in space if it ever happens. All the places occurring in the film are recreated according to the actual locations in the Solar System, which are built from map data and real photos that are possibly obtained so far in out times. If you want to know more about information concerning this film, please check it out on his website.