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Incredible Slow Motion Videos Show Chemical Reactions


Image credit: Beautiful Chemistry.

It is generally thought that science and art should be two quite different subjects. However sometimes they could work surprisingly well together, just like recent videos showing what a beautiful picture when booze is observed under the microscope and how computational models could be turned into mesmerizing GIFs. Today, you would be amazed to see from Beautiful Chemistry the gorgeous results of a collaborative work jointly done by the University of Science and Technology of China and Tsinghua University Press.

This project aims to illustrate how beautiful chemistry could be for the public in the hope that would arouse more interests of ordinary people in chemistry, thus getting rid of the notion that the subject is boring.

By using 4K UltraHD cameras installed with special lenses, the researchers were capable of capturing different kinds of chemical reactions in incredibly shocking detail. The result is so definitely NSFW that you would be lost in watching it for 15 minutes.

Check them out here:

 chemical reaction

This video presents what occurs to the emergence of copper, lead silver metals after zinc was put into copper sulfate, silver nitrate and lead nitrate solutions. In order to make it gelatinize, acetic acid and sodium silicate are added as well.

 chemical reaction1

This one offers a vivid picture when a piece of metal salt is dropped in water together with sodium silicate.

Here and now you could observe clearly how molecules inside some colorful plants could be modified under acid and base conditions from the example of purple cabbage and a flower called Teornia fournieri were in sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid solutions.

From these pictures and videos, you would be probably amazed at what joint work of science and work could bring out.