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Incredible Video Gives You an Idea on What LA’s Night Skies Would Look Like without Pollution

LA skies

Image credit: Heffernan & Mehmedinovic, Skyglow. If we could see the city skyline without atmospheric and light pollution, this is how it might look.

In the eyes of many people, it seems that light pollution is not harmful, compared with the air pollution. In fact, light pollution could be quite threatening in regard to the interference city lights with the visibility of dark skies.

To let more people know about such problem and what they are missing out on, the well-known timelapse artists Gavin Heffernan and Harun Mehmedinovic have jointly launched the Skyglow Project, presenting the amazing their timelapse video illustrating the dark skies in North America superimposed over urbanscapes in Los Angeles.

However, even if people could escape from city lights, the naked eye view is not so magnificent. The video just shows us the way in which the terrific sky at night could be if we would be retaining its original picture without any wasted light and air pollution. It is also used as the trailer designed for Skyglow’s Kickstarter campaign to produce a book and DVD focusing on identifying the psychological price we are paying for inability of accessing to the stars, and what we could do to solve the problem.

Urban air pollution is accountable for nearly a million deaths each year, compared with light reaching the sky that appears to pose no harm. But every photon of skyglow we observe represents light that has either been wrongly shone in the direction, or reflected to unnecessary locations. As for loss of the energy in the process, it is estimated to cost annual waste of $3.3 billion dollars a year in addition to its great impact on global warming. Furthermore, it is thought that the loss of truly dark skies would be disturbingly bad for bird migrations.