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Incredible X-ray GIFs Illustrate Joints in Motion

x ray wrist hand

Image credit: Cameron Drake/Noah Weiss

It is commonly known that there are four types of movable joints in our body, however in most cases; we show little concern about them unless we think there is something gone with such joints. Actually, the motion of the joints is amazingly beautiful, but it is difficult for us to appreciate the beauty, because in general we are unable to see how the bones are sliding around in connection with each other.

Although in labs and clinics, X-rays allow us to see them inside our body, typically they always provide us with the static images which are incapable of depicting movement. However, Cameron Drake of San Francisco has produced a serial of gorgeous images to illustrate joints in motion. With help of Dr. Noah Weiss, the orthopedic physician, Drake’s finished product is surprisingly distinctive. If you want to get more detailed information about the project, you are kindly advised to look at Drake’s blog. The follow images would be your starter!


 shoulder X-ray


 elbow X-ray

Wrist and Hand:

 Wrist and Hand X-ray


 knee X-ray

Ankle and Foot:

 Ankle and Foot X-ray

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Source: i09