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Incredible X-Ray Images Show a Python Breaking Down an Alligator

Python Breaking Down an Alligator

Last March you might happen to watch a video showing a whole crocodile was eaten by a snake. Do you want to know what occur afterwards? Here are the X-ray images demonstrating how a python was digesting an alligator in the process day by day.

Day 1


From left to right, inside the snake’s s abdomen, you can find out the skull, torso, limbs and tail of the alligator.

Day 2


From the picture of day 2, it seems that there was not so much happening, but by the snake’s heart, small intenstine, liver and kidneys have enlarged to a third extent, so their size are  double, helping it digest this big meal.

Day 3


On day 3, it is clear that the soft tissue of the alligator is being broken down and digested as well.

Day 4


By increasing their organ size, pythons are capable of rapidly digesting their meals before they become rotten. By day 4, apart from the tough skin and skeleton, there is not much left.

Day 5


Day 6


Coming into the sixth day, almost the whole body of the alligator has been broken down.

Day 7


On Day Seven, every thing is gone! Here you can see it should be the very hungry snake, because it is amazing that such incredible animals could not only swallow a meal bigger than itself, but also break it down and digest it in only Seven days.

Images courtesy of Dr. Stephen Secor and Dr. Scott White