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Intel 3D-Printed Bots Are Ready for Handy Consumers

Intel 3D-printed robot

Intel’s Jimmy the Robot is shown in this publicity photo released to Reuters May 28, 2014.Image credit: REUTERS/INTEL/HANDOUT VIA REUTERS.

Intel Corp announced the instruction of its walking and talking robot made from 3D-printed parts recently. The robot could be assembled by the consumers with a kit and it costs about $1,600.

The robot named as “Jimmy” came to the stage at the Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California with the company of Brian Krzanich, Chief Executive of Intel Corp. This white-colored 2-foot tall robot made a self-introduction, waving its arms on that occasion.

At present, Jimmy is still a research robot; however, Intel is intended to work out a more practical version with available 3D-printable parts. Its partners will be responsible for those components that cannot be 3D-printed, like motors as well as an Intel Edison processor, which will be included in a kit.

With well-planned program, Jimmy could be capable of singing, translating, tweeting and even offering a cold beer.

Under Krzanich’s one-year charge, Intel has been making efforts to be the leader in the latest technologies like smart clothing, because it has fallen behind in the areas of the mobile revolution in regard to the smartphones and tablets.

Its strategy is targeted on tech-savvy do-it-yourselfers and weekend hobbyists, who enjoy trying everything new, such as Internet-connected baby blankets and robots.

It is hoped that the owners of the robots could program them to engage in the special tasks. At the same time, it would be possible for them to share the programs with other owners as downloadable apps.

According to Intel Corp, the price for the robot kits will be kept down to $1,000 in the period of five years. It could be realistic, because entrepreneur Bill Gross announced his plan to sell a 3D printer at price of $149, which is much cheaper than the devices available in the market, which usually cost more than $1,000.

Source: Reuters