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Iodine Clock Reaction Will Dazzle You

Iodine Reaction

Image credit: Screen shot via brusspup

When you are planning your holidays, you might think of hosting parties or going on travel. However, you could do something different, which would certainly dazzle your co-workers, friends and family, that is kind of chemical reaction: the iodine clock.

By doing so, you could add two clear solutions together, after a short wait; you would see that the solutions would be turned into the deep blue hue of iodine. You would experience such reaction in two steps. When you have the first step, it is quite slow. At this stage, iodine is generated as a product. In the second step, which is somehow fast, the reaction is reversed. In addition, you could perform this reaction in the various ways, for example, you could alter the amount of time necessary for the reaction to change colors. Above all, you could perform different type of the reaction with chemicals easily purchased on the Internet, or you could have the ingredients bought from the pharmacy.


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