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Mars One Project Selects 100 Finalists


Image credit: Bryan Versteeg/Mars One

Nearly a quarter of a million applicants are courageous enough to seek for a one-way ticket to Mars. Finally 100 hopeful space explorers are selected in this process and in two-year time, those lucky ones would have the chance to go onboard. This result of selection has just been recently made public.

It is well-known to us for some time that human beings are exhausting the Earth and its limited resources would fail to support the fast-growing population here. Among all other selectable “solutions”, like establishing sustainable floating cities in the ocean, migration to Mars appears to be the most welcome concept.

In fifty years earlier, such proposal might be thought to be radical and perhaps even impractical to some people. However, other strongly believes it should be feasible, for example, some celebrity fancying space travel like Elon Musk of SpaceX. Actually a project known as Mars One is being implemented in an effort to send people to the Red Planet within the next ten years, so that human could set up a permanent settlement suitable for people living there.

Once the application process was started in 2013, more than 202,000 aspiring astronauts had filed their applications to the nonprofit foundation, trying to bring this dream into a reality. After the first round, the number was rapidly narrowed to just over 1,000 and then reduced to 660. Now, being interviewed online with Mars One medical director Norbert Kraft, the hopeful candidates have been left in just 100.

As Bas Lansdorp, Mars One co-founder and CEO said, the big reduction of candidates meant an vital move towards identifying who had the most capabilities to fly to Mars. These aspiring Martians would let us know with a glimpse into who the modern day explorers would be.

After three round of strict selection, the left survivors were 50 men and 50 women, aged from 19 to 60. Of the total survivors, thirty nine were from the Americas, 31 from Europe, 16 from Asia, seven from Africa and seven from Australia. What a diverse bunch it is!  One candidate, nicknamed as “M1-K0,” himself, had claimed to be a Martian, one of the first four to arrive on our planet.

While these lucky 100 had been proved to the qualified individuals, they should show how they could work effectively cooperate with each other as team. Therefore the fourth round would be targeted on group challenges in regard to test their willingness to handle the unexpected stress of living on Mars. After this, the shortlisted candidates would be divided into groups of four, receiving training in a replica base on Earth. The final group of 24 cosmonauts would be employees of Mars One, thus assisting the project to be ready for colonization in 2025.

However, it was planned that before these dedicated explorers started their stressful 7-month journey through the solar system, Mars One would first launch some communication satellites, two rovers and several cargo missions; so that the outpost would be established and human crew could live and work there.

If you are not lucky enough to apply for the first time, you should not be feeling disappointed, because the new application opportunities would be waiting for you in the near future.

Source: Mars Onespace.comCNET and Inquisitr